Killing of 2 humanitarian workers in DRC condemned

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Killing of 2 humanitarian workers in DRC condemned

2 humanitarian workers were killed and another was kidnapped 3 days ago in North Kivu

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the DRC (OCHA) has strongly condemned the attack in which two humanitarian workers were killed and another was kidnapped three days ago.

According to a statement released Tuesday by OCHA, the two aid workers killed worked with an NGO called Hydraulique Sans Frontieres (HYFRO). They were killed by unidentified gunmen, reportedly in the village of Mushikiri located in the North Kivu province.

“It is unfortunate that two aid workers were killed while on duty. Humanitarian workers must never be targeted,” the statement released by OCHA said.

OCHA said the attack represents a serious violation of international humanitarian law and requested for the immediate release of the worker who was kidnapped.

A security officer in North Kivu, Lt. Robert Addiya said security organizations in the province have started the search for those who killed the humanitarian workers as well as the kidnapped individual.

Attacks on NGO and UN workers by armed men have recently become commonplace in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A few weeks ago over a dozen UN peacekeepers were killed by suspected rebels.

Such attacks have increased since President Joseph Kabila has refused to leave office after the expiry of his term in December 2016.

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