British Embassy in Ankara organizes fundraiser

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The British Embassy in capital Ankara on March 23, 2018 organized a fundraiser to raise awareness on women and children subjected to violence. In the “Sport Relief Run” event — which was organized with the British Embassy School (BESA) — children from different age groups ran on different paths during which they received donations for each lap they completed.

Speaking at the opening of the event, British Minister of State for Middle East and North Africa Alistair Burt said he was pleased to be in Ankara and to be taking part in the fundraising program. The British minister is in Ankara on an official visit during which he is expected to meet Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdag.

Addressing the children, Burt said the fundraising program was an “energizing” start to his official visit.The British minister said he was glad to hear that this year’s fundraising would be given to the YAKA-KOOP organization, which was working to support women in society.

The proceeds of the fundraising event will be donated to Yaka-Koop organisation in Van, which provides support to women and children who are subjected to different types of violence and forced marriages.“It’s a big year for women and girls as we are celebrating 100 years since women were first given the vote in the United Kingdom, which is so important,” he said.Jennifer Anderson, the minister counsellor and deputy head of mission, and assistant head of BESA Stuart Downing and Robert Unsworth also attended the event.Downing told Anadolu Agency the “Sport Relief Run” is a great opportunity to get an understanding of fundraising programs held in the U.K.”It’s great for the school and the embassy to get involved with each other and organize these kind of things as its a big event in the U.K.; it brings the idea of elements of what we are doing in the U.K. to Turkey,” he said.All 200 children of BESA are involved in the event, Downing added.Since 2012, the British Embassy has been organizing the “Sport Relief Run” every two years in Turkey.

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