Nearly 300 die in Mali due to internal conflicts

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Nearly 300 die in Mali due to internal conflicts

At least 289 were killed in some 99 incidents this year in Mali, the UN human rights agency said. 

Mali’s internal conflict has resulted in the killings of hundreds and displacement of thousands, according to the UN Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner’s (OHCHR).

The statement also said that attacks were carried out by “Dozos [traditional hunters]” and elements of Dogon (an ethnic group in Mali) militants against villagers of Fulani (another ethnic group).

“This escalating violence in parts of Mopti region has led to widespread displacement of a civilian population already vulnerable due to a lack of protection and basic social services provided by the State,” it added.

The report also includes that there are an estimated 3,000 displaced members of the Fulanis. 

“We commend the Government of Mali for the efforts it has already taken to intervene in the cycle of violence in Mopti region, and urge it to continue to take measures to prevent further grave violations and abuses of human rights in the region, including those committed by government forces, as a matter of urgency,” it added.

Several terror groups are active in northern Mali, where French, Malian and UN peacekeepers are conducting counterterrorism operations.

Tensions erupted in Mali in 2012 following a failed coup and a Tuareg rebellion that ultimately allowed al-Qaeda-linked militant groups to take over the northern half of the country.

In 2015, a peace deal was signed between the government and some insurgent groups.

Political and community disputes continue to fuel tensions in northern Mali, thus undermining the implementation of the peace agreement.

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