Technology Hacker Group Targets Hundreds US Stock Market Companies

Hacker Group Targets Hundreds US Stock Market Companies

FIN4 Hackers Targeted hundreds US Stock Exchange

A sophisticated hacker group known as FIN4 has targeted hundreds US Stock Exchange companies for about a year, US security firm FireEye said in report Monday. 

“FIN4 carries out its attacks in a unique manner never seen before,” the report read. “The group does not utilize malware, instead relying heavily on highly-targeted social engineering tactics and deep subject-matter expertise to deliver weaponized versions of legitimate corporate files.”
The report found that FIN4 has targeted over 100 organizations since the middle of 2013. The hackers have primarily targeted non-public information from deals in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries compromising the email accounts of top executives, lawyers, consultants and researchers.
“It is likely that FIN4 used the inside information they had to capitalize on these stock fluctuations,” the report read.
“FIN4 is the first time we are seeing a group of very sophisticated attackers actually systematically acquire information that only has true value to a criminal when used in relation to the stock market,” Vice President of Threat Intelligence at FireEye Dan McWhorter said in a statement.
FireEye believes that FIN4 is based either in the United States or Western Europe.
The US Department of Homeland Security estimates that more than 1,000 US businesses have been targets of cyberattacks. Cybercrime costs the United States about $100 billion annually, Intel Security and the Center for Strategic and International Studies said earlier this year.


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