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North Korea Accuses Obama of ‘The Interview’ Release, Blames US for Recent Internet Cutoff

president Barack Obama
president Barack Obama

North Korea accused US president of forcing the release of the controversial movie “The Interview” and blamed the Unites States for the recent Internet disruption in the country, official Korean Central News Agency reported Saturday.

According to the statement attributed to the National Defence Commission of North Korea, US President Barack Obama was “the chief culprit” in forcing the release of the Sony Pictures’ controversial movie “The Interview,” while the United States was behind the Tuesday Internet cutoff in the country.
“The Interview» is a comedy about a fictional CIA plot to assassinate North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. The comedy was denounced by North Korea for undermining “the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.”
In late November, two weeks before the the comedy was due to premiere in America, Sony Pictures Entertainment became the target of a cyber-attack, which resulted in the massive theft of internal company information. Following threats from the hackers that they would reveal the stolen information and concerns over security at theaters showing the film, Sony decided to cancel the premiere of “The Interview.
Nevertheless, after US president called Sony’s decision “a mistake,” the company released the movie. The film is currently available on Google’s YouTube, Google Play, Microsoft’s Xbox VideoOn, as well as in more than 300 independent movie theaters throughout the United States.
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