Entertainment Italy: Pompeii destruction linked to alleged corruption

Italy: Pompeii destruction linked to alleged corruption


Pompeii gives an amazing insight into everyday life in the first-century Roman Empire

(AA) – The famous archaeological site at Pompeii has seen collapses of buildings in recent years; now its poor condition has been linked to a corruption investigation on misuse of funds by an official.

Italian finance investigators suspect that millions of euros were misused or wrongly appropriated by officials who were supposed to save Pompeii from further deterioration.

Naples-based finance police have seized about €6 million ($6.4 million) in assets from a former official who had been responsible for preserving the archaeological site at Pompeii. Nine other officials are also being investigated..

The seizure was prompted by a court monitoring public spending.

Investigators suspect there were misappropriated expenditures in 2010 for a show at Pompeii’s Great Theater. No tender offer was made for the show, and spending allegedly went way over budget.


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