Asia Malaysia: Second Anwar daughter now awaiting arrest

Malaysia: Second Anwar daughter now awaiting arrest

Nurul Nuha
Nurul Nuha

(AA) – The day after the eldest daughter of Malaysia’s opposition leader was arrested for sedition, his second eldest says she is awaiting arrest, telling The Anadolu Agency Tuesday that she is to be hauled in to give a statement.

Nurul Nuha said in a text message to AA that police have notified her of her need to record the statement as she was the organizer of the #KitaLawan street rally March 7 – arranged to protest injustice against Anwar Ibrahim, who has been found guilty and imprisoned for sodomising his aide.

Nuha said no date had not been fixed, but police had said they would directing her to their headquarters when necessary.

On Monday, People’s Justice Party’s vice-president Nurul Izzah was arrested when she reported to Dang Wangi police station to record a statement.

She was held overnight, before being released Tuesday morning.

It was originally suspected that Nural had been detained for standing in for her father March 10 to read his debate address to parliament, but police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar said this was not the case late Monday.

The Lembah Pantai parliamentarian was arrested under the Sedition Act for her remarks on the Malaysian judiciary during the March 7 rally, and not for her father’s speech, said Abu Bakar.

According to Malaysian law, any issues or materials said in Parliament cannot be brought to court.

Ibrahim was jailed in a Federal Court ruling that also rules him out of standing in the 2018 general elections.

The sodomy case was first heard in 2012, when he was acquitted. The prosecution appealed the decision and in March last year he was convicted on the same charge, which he appealed and lost last month.

The Federal Court is the highest court in Malaysia and its decision cannot be appealed. However, under the federal constitution, the monarch has the power to grant pardons.

Ibrahim has been the main opponent of the ruling party, which has been in power since independence in 1957, since falling out with the government in the late 1990s.

The 2013 general elections saw his opposition coalition come close to unseating the government in what Ibrahim dubbed the “worst electoral fraud in our history.”

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