Europe No swine flu epidemic in Turkey, says Health Ministry

No swine flu epidemic in Turkey, says Health Ministry

flu(AA) – Turkey’s Health Ministry stated Tuesday that there were indicators of a swine flu epidemic in Turkey after one person, infected with the virus, died.

The ministry’s statement came after a 39-year-old man died from the swine flu Sunday at the hospital where he was treated in central Turkey.

The Ministry of Health said there was a special tracking system in Turkey following the spread of various diseases, including swine flu.

“These are all seasonal flu viruses that can naturally be witnessed every year all over the world,” the ministry said, adding that there were no other indicators to state that there was an outbreak of the virus.

Flu vaccines are available until the end of March, according to the statement. 

It is suggested those who are the most at risk, i.e. people over 65, or those with heart or metabolic diseases and weakened immune systems.

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