Africa Tunisia military court jails blogger for 6 months

Tunisia military court jails blogger for 6 months

Tunisian blogger Yassine Ayari
Tunisian blogger Yassine Ayari

(AA) – A Tunisian military court on Tuesday sentenced a prominent blogger to six months in jail for “insulting senior army commanders,” a judicial source has said.

Yassine Ayari was arrested on Dec. 24 of last year upon his arrival at Carthage Airport from France.

He was told at the time that he had been sentenced in absentia – on Nov. 18 – to three years in jail for publishing articles critical of Tunisia’s military establishment.

Ayari was a prominent blogger during Tunisia’s 2011 popular uprising, which culminated in the ouster of autocratic President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

Later the same year, Ayari’s father became the first army officer to be killed after Ben Ali’s ouster in confrontations with terrorist groups.

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