World No talks with Houthis before ‘killings’ end: Yemen VP

No talks with Houthis before ‘killings’ end: Yemen VP

vice-president, Khaled Bahah,
Yemen’s newly-appointed vice-president, Khaled Bahah

(AA) – Yemen’s newly-appointed vice-president, Khaled Bahah, said Thursday that there would be no dialogue with Yemen’s Shiite Houthi group until “killings” stop, particularly in the southern port city of Aden.

Speaking at a press conference in Saudi capital Riyadh, Bahah said his government welcomed all initiatives aimed at resolving the conflict in Yemen.

“But there will be no dialogue [with the Houthis] until the killings in Yemen end,” he said in his first press conference since his appointment as vice-president last week.

Bahah called on the Houthis – along with supporters of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh – to implement all international resolutions related to the Yemen crisis.

“Our message to the Yemeni people is to give priority to reason and dialogue and stand united behind our project for a civil state,” Bahah asserted.

“But this requires the Houthis to implement all international resolutions [related to the Yemen conflict] and halt the deliberate killing of civilians,” he added.

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