Uncategorized US-led coalition has hit over 5,780 Daesh targets

US-led coalition has hit over 5,780 Daesh targets

 Daesh.(AA) – The U.S.-led international coalition has carried out more than 3,200 airstrikes and destroyed more than 5,780 Daesh posts in Iraq and Syria in the last eight months, the U.S. embassy in Baghdad said.

In a statement, the embassy stressed Monday that the U.S. and coalition forces had launched more than 1,900 aerial attacks against Daesh in Iraq in the last eight months. 

Daesh lost 25 or 30 percent of the region it controlled due to the airstrikes, the statement said. 

Additionally, Iraqi forces regained control of numerous crucial areas such as Mosul Dam, the Sinjar Mountains as well as other regions near the provinces of Tikrit, Diyala and Kirkuk, according to the statement.

Massacres perpetrated by Daesh and the massive displacement of entire communities led to the creation of an international coalition against the group.

The U.S.-led coalition has staged airstrikes against Daesh targets in Iraq and Syria since mid-September 2014.

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