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AA Arts Preview

 Andrew Lloyd Webber
Andrew Lloyd Webber

World-famous Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Phantom of The Opera, which has been performed since April 7 in Istanbul, will be again staged on Saturday at Zorlu Performing Arts Center (PSM).

The musical, having played in more than 40 countries, is based on French author Gaston Leroux’s novel, and is directed by Arthur Masella.

It tells the story of “The Phantom,” a mysterious, disfigured musical genius who haunts the Paris Opera House.

Charmed by the talents and grace of a young soprano, Christine Daae, the Phantom falls in love with her. The Phantom, unaware of Christine’s love for her childhood friend Raoul, is obsessed with Christine and turns the stage a battlefield of jealousy, madness and passions.

The musical will run until May 17 at PSM.



-Post-punk Swans perform in Turkey

American experimental rock band Swans will perform at Istanbul’s Salon IKSV concert hall on Saturday, May 2.

The band, known for its avant-garde instrumentation and song structures, was formed by Michael Gira in 1982.

Having released 13 albums so far, the band has slow, ethereal and melancholic songs.



-Istanbulites to dance with Eastman

Founded in January 2010 by artistic director and choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Eastman will perform for the first time in Istanbul on May 1-2 in Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall.

The Flemish gathering, offering the audience a wide array of dance projects from around the world, will take to the stage with a live show named “Play.”



-Turkey to host London-based trio Troyka

London-based jazz-rock band Troyka will perform a unique show at Salon IKSV on Wednesday, May 6.

Formed in 2009, Troyka consists of Chris Montague, Joshua Blackmore and Kit Downes.

The band, having released their third studio album, “Ornithophobia”, in January 2015, has been described by the U.K.’s “Guardian” newspaper as: “A fascinating conjunction of dance-derived beats, abstract electronica, ambient music, Schofield-like guitar funk, and John Zorn-ish free-jazz.”



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