Africa DRC bans Chinese medicine

DRC bans Chinese medicine

Health Minister Felix Kabange
Health Minister Felix Kabange

(AA) – Health authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have slapped a ban on Chinese hospitals and physicians practicing traditional Chinese medicine, citing “non-compliance with local health regulations”.

“I announce today the closure of all establishments practicing Chinese medicine since it is a non-conventional medicine,” Health Minister Felix Kabange told a press briefing on Tuesday evening.

The ban came after practitioners were found to be using “magnetic analyzers and unauthorized food supplements in the DRC,” the minister added.

According to Kabange, the Health Ministry has registered “numerous violations”, and accused the Chinese practitioners of failing to respect the country’s health regulations.

“The DRC is not a trash can…If they want to work, they must comply with the standards. We need everyone to develop, but we shout take health issues seriously,” he added.

The Chinese embassy is yet to comment on the announcement.

There are around 10,000 Chinese people living in the DRC, mostly in the capital Kinshasa and the southeastern province of Katanga, according to official estimates.

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