World Iraq: Senior Shiite militia commander killed by Daesh

Iraq: Senior Shiite militia commander killed by Daesh



(AA) – A senior leader of the al-Hashid al-Shaabi Shiite militia was sniped by Daesh Friday in the northern Iraqi province of Saladin, a police source said.

Khaled al-Deraji, a police captain, told The Anadolu Agency that Yasser al-Ahmad, a senior al-Hashid al-Shaabi commander, was killed in a village south of Baiji city by a Daesh sniper. Five other militia fighters were injured while taking al-Ahmad’s body out of the area.

Since June 2014, Al-Hashid al-Shaabi’s purported role has been to fight against the Sunni Muslim Daesh group in support of Iraqi Shiite forces.

Moreover, Mohammed Mahmoud, a government official in Baiji city, told The Anadolu Agency that intense clashes have been taking place between Iraqi security forces and Daesh in Baiji’s oil refinery. Daesh has deployed many snipers in the southern part of Baiji to distract the Iraqi forces, according to Mahmoud.

Daesh has taken control of most parts of Baiji’s significant oil refinery, according to military sources.  

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