Europe UK: Conservatives on course to form majority government

UK: Conservatives on course to form majority government

 Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron

 (AA) – The center-right Conservative Party is on course to win the U.K. general election with an overall majority on Friday.

Exit polls released after voting closed initially predicted the Conservatives would win 316 seats – seven seats short of the 323 necessary for a majority.

The BBC, however, have updated their forecast, predicting 325 seats for the Conservatives.

The updated BBC forecast also predicated the center-left main opposition Labour party would win 232 seats, the left-wing separatist Scottish National Party 56, the centrist Liberal Democrats 12, the right-wing Eurosceptic UKIP 2 and the left-wing Green Party one seat.

The Conservatives are winning seats off both Labour and the Liberal Democrats, the latter of which they entered into coalition with in 2010.

Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson, widely tipped as a future Conservative leader and prime minister, has also entered the British Parliament.

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