Technology Flume brings your Instagram feed to your New Tab page

Flume brings your Instagram feed to your New Tab page

Flume-2If you can’t ever get enough of your Instagram feed, you’ll love Flume. This elegant extension for Chrome and Safari brings an endless stream of photos shared by people you follow right to your browser, every time you open a new tab.

Just install the extension, sign in with your account and enjoy new Instagram posts on your desktop. You can like photos and view tagged locations on them with a click.

Flume shows you only one picture per new tab by default. Select the ‘Show more images’ option in its settings and you’ll be able to browse all the photos you want in one tab. You can also view a photo wall and click on any of the images to get a closer look.

In addition, Flume can be configured to only show pictures from a particular tag, user or your own likes.

Flume’s developers say they’re working on an app for Mac, which should be out soon.

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