Europe Michelle Obama to visit UK this month

Michelle Obama to visit UK this month

Sasha, Malia & Michelle Obama
Sasha, Malia & Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama will travel to London this month, the White House announced today.

Also making the trip will be the Obamas’ daughters Malia and Sasha, as well as Mrs Obama’s mother Marian Robinson.

Mrs Obama will meet with students while in London to discuss expanding access to education for girls around the world, one of the First Lady’s major focuses.

It was at a London girls school during a visit in April 2009 that Mrs Obama “found her proper role” as First Lady, according to Jodi Kantor, author of “The Obamas”.

“She saw the responsibility, the impact, the potential, of her role”, writes Ms Kantor. “Her time in the White House had been isolating, yet now across the Atlantic she felt so connected.”

Mrs Obama identified with the students at the Elizabeth Anderson Language School in Islington, who come from diverse backgrounds and the majority of whom speak English as a second language. She also made headlines on that trip for her fashion sense and for breaking from protocol in putting her arm around the Queen, who briefly returned the favour.

When asked in April who the most interesting person she had met as First Lady was Mrs Obama said, “I’ve met a lot of cool people- I met the Queen of England.” Those competing with the Queen for the title of “most interesting” were the Pope, Nelson Mandela and George Clooney.

Mrs Obama returned to the school during a visit to the UK in May 2011. A year later she travelled to London with Malia and Sasha for the Olympic games.

The six-day trip will also see Mrs Obama travel to Milan and Venice, and visit a US Army base in Vicenza, Italy.

While in Italy she will focus on her “Let’s Move!” initiative to encourage children to eat healthy and exercise. In an April appearance to promote Let’s Move, Mrs Obama drew praise for her dancing ability.

The trip will take place from June 15-21.

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