Entertainment Prince Carl Philip’s Ex Speaks Out on His ‘Strange’ Love Comments

Prince Carl Philip’s Ex Speaks Out on His ‘Strange’ Love Comments

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Emma Pernald
Prince Carl Philip dated Emma Pernald from 1999. Pernald worked at a PR firm for several years. However, the prince and Emma broke off their relationship in March 2009.

It isn’t always easy seeing an ex get married – especially when that ex happens to be royalty.

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden is set to marry fiancée Sofia Hellqvist on June 13, and the 36-year-old royal has been gushing about his bride-to-be.

In an interview with Swedish channel TV 4, Carl Philip said he didn’t know “the magic of love” before he met 30-year-old Sofia.

“Ever since I met her, I’ve seen how love can change a person,” he said.

While the sentiment was sweet, there was one person who wasn’t exactly thrilled to hear Carl Philip’s proclamation of love – his ex Emma Pernald, whom he dated for 10 years before breaking it off in 2008.

“It was strange to hear that,” Pernald said about Carl Philip’s comments to Swedish publication Aftonbladet  “I felt love in the 10 years that we shared together.”

Pernald, who now works as a PR executive, was famously tight-lipped about the pair’s royal romance after their split. The pair reportedly remain on friendly terms, “strange” comments or not.

Still, it’s hard not to be happy for someone about finding love again. Margareta Gotthardsson, royals reporter at Svensk Damtidning,  “I think the palace was happy for the prince being in love again after his breakup with his ex, Emma Pernald.

“When you see the prince and Sofia together, it’s obvious that they are very much in love. It’s impossible not to be happy for them.”