Africa Cecil the Lion accused arrested for Zimbabwe smuggling

Cecil the Lion accused arrested for Zimbabwe smuggling

File-Professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst arrives for his appearance at the magistrates courts in Hwange, about 700 kilometres south west of Harare, in connection with the killing of Cecil the lion

A  Zimbabwean professional hunter charged over the death of Cecil the Lion has been arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle sable antelopes.

Theo Bronkhorst was detained after the discovery of 29 antelope being smuggled into South Africa.

He is in custody in the southern city of Bulawayo, police said.

Mr Bronkhorst is on bail for running the allegedly illegal hunt in July culminating in the killing of Cecil the Lion by US dentist Walter Palmer.

The case sparked an international outcry, with Mr Palmer only returning to work earlier this month after going into hiding.

Conservationists in Zimbabwe said Cecil – a major tourist attraction – had been lured out of a national park using bait before being shot.

Mr Bronkhorst is due to appear in court on the smuggling charges on Wednesday.

Three South African men have also been arrested after the vehicle they were using to transfer the antelopes got stuck in a river.

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