Middle East YPG/PKK terrorists admit coordination with US in Syria

YPG/PKK terrorists admit coordination with US in Syria

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YPG/PKK terrorists admit coordination with US in Syria

 Two YPG/PKK terrorists in Turkish custody have told Anadolu Agency about the cooperation between the U.S. and the terrorist organization.

The terrorists also expressed regret about their actions in Syria.

One of the terrorists named R.C. is in jail pending trial on the charge of “establishing, managing or being a member of armed terrorist organization”.  

He said U.S. soldiers as well as soldiers from Russia and Germany “operate” with the terrorist organization inside the Hasakah district in Syria, which the YPG/PKK refers to as “Jazira Canton”.

“The United States was behind the clashes between YPG/PKK and Daesh,” he said.

“Weapons and ammunition belonging to YPG were given to the organization via parachutes, mainly by the U.S. and other foreign states.”

– Machines ordered from US

He also revealed that some tunnel digging machines was ordered from the United States by the YPG/PKK’s so-called Afrin head in Syria.

“When I was in Afrin in April last year, they ordered some machines useful for digging tunnels,” R.C. said.

“I don’t know when those machines will arrive.”

The terrorist said the tunnel diggers would be useful to surpass Turkey’s enhanced border walls along Syria.

– Coordination with Assad forces

R.C. also said YPG/PKK wants to turn Turkey into war-ravaged Syria and “establish a so-called state”.

He said during air attacks carried out against YPG/PKK, terrorists hid in underground shelters so that they could retaliate against opposition forces using howitzers in coordination with the Bashar al-Assad regime.

He said terrorists train for between 6 months and one year. “When their trainings end, the organization sends them to Turkey, to have a fake identification, which they manage to make by finding someone who looks like them,” he said.

“Then they start exploring the area,” he added.

“They set time to attack with PKK members, they usually carry out those attacks with bomb-laden cars.”

Another jailed terrorist E.R. said he fought in Rasulayn district, which is across Ceylanpinar district of southeastern Sanliurfa province, where the “PKK members are called YPG members.

“The only thing that is different from the organization in Syria from Turkey is their name,” he said.

“There were several foreign state soldiers in the region, including from the United States.”

“When the YPG/PKK or the SDF/PKK launched attacks on Daesh or other organizations, they used to…let United States know about the coordinates,” he said.

“After giving intelligence of the whereabouts, those places were hit by the U.S. on short notice.”