World AA Almanac certifies Turkey’s stance on history: Envoy

AA Almanac certifies Turkey’s stance on history: Envoy

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Publication of Almanac in different languages is important to spread ​​Turkey’s perspective, Serdar Kilic says

Turkey’s ambassador to the U.S. praised Anadolu Agency’s 2017 Almanac, saying that it certifies  Turkey’s stance on the right side of history.

“I congratulate Anadolu Agency for this valuable work. It really is a very important contribution,” Ambassador Serdar Kilic told Anadolu Agency Washington Bureau Chief Hakan Copur who visited the Ambassador at his office and presented the Almanac.  

 The book is published in three different languages, Turkish, English and Arabic, contains facts, statistics, data covering key people and photos from 2017.

It chronologically presents memorable events in Turkey and the world that occurred in 2017, from politics to arts, from economy to sports, and from science to health, shedding light through striking images captured by Anadolu Agency’s photographers. 

“We should not look at these photographs here as just a detection of a moment, it is much more than that and gives deep messages,” Kilic added. 

He also noted that publication of the Almanac in different languages plays an important role in order to spread ​​Turkey’s perspective to the wider region. 

Highlighting Turkey’s humanitarian effort for people who are in need across the region, Kilic also said the international community sees this effort through Anadolu Agency’s objective and visual correspondents.

The Arabic version of the Almanac reflects mostly events from the Arabic speaking world, while the English version focuses on important events in the U. S. and Europe.