Middle East Foreigners joining PYD/YPG in Syria

Foreigners joining PYD/YPG in Syria

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Foreigners joining PYD/YPG in Syria

Reports show the PYD/YPG has foreign fighters from US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and the Far East

As the U.S. continues to support the PYD/YPG terrorists group under the pretext of fighting Daesh in Syria, foreigners from several western countries have joined the PYD terror group and its affiliates in Syria. 
Anadolu Agency correspondents collected information which assured that the PKK’s Syrian extension PYD / YPG won “sympathy” from Western countries under the guise of struggling with Daesh.  It was described as a “hero” by the international community after defeating Daesh in Ayn al-Arab.
This “sympathy” to PYD increased in different countries due to the lack of regular ground troops able to fight against Daesh and disclosing the image of execution of mainly westerns by the Daesh terrorists in Syria.  Particularly American, British, Canadian, German, Dutch and the citizens of Far Eastern countries participated in the PYD/YPG and its female branch YPJ. 

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory’s (SOHR) report on June 11, 2015 stated that 400 terrorists from Europe, Australia and the America had joined YPG in Raqqa, Al-Hasakhah and Aleppo under the pretext of “fighting against Daesh”.

The report also mentioned that the Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) established its first battalion in May 2015 in the city of Rasulayn and gathered many foreign fighters. It stated that eight of the MLKP members died in conflicts with Daesh in Ayn al-Arab and Al- Hasakah, and that one of them was a German citizen.

YPG has a terrorist unit called “Lions of Rojava,” and consists exclusively of foreigners. Many mercenaries, including citizens from the U.S., Germany, Australia and the UK, have participated in the unit portraying themselves as “volunteers”.

News about foreign nationals, mostly US citizens, also took place frequently in the media. This media reports unveiled that an old Israeli soldier had joined the YPG affiliated YPJ. Moreover, a member of a Jewish group in central Ukraine had also joined the YPG and wrote in Hebrew on the walls in places taken from Daesh by the YPG terrorist organization YPG in Syria.

Kevin Jochim, a German citizen with the code name “Dilsoz Bahar”, was one of the foreign fighters killed in the clashes in Syria. Jochim had link with extreme left-wing organization in Germany, according to information obtained from German security units,.

Ivana Hoffmann, another German national and a member of Marxist-Leninist organization, joined the YPJ under the code name “Avasin Tekosin Gunes”.

Ashley Johnson and Reece Harding (Australia), Keith Broomfield (U.S.) and Greek-born Konstandinos Scurfield (England) are also among those killed and killed in the fighting on the side of the PKK/YPG terrorists.

According to an investigation, most of the US citizens who joined the YPG are former members of the U.S. Army. Accordingly, 68 percent of the U.S. citizens joined the YPG had previously took part in the U.S. army.

Although this detail is important in terms of giving an idea of ​​the education of warfare of the U.S. nationals, it is noteworthy that the vast majority of foreign nationals in the YPG are directed to the field with almost no experience of warfare.

The U.S.-based CNN television and the New York Times newspaper used the words “foreign fighters” for the people came from many countries, including France, Britain, America and China to fight for YPG terrorists.

The report said these people came to Syria to support the Kurds, who have been isolated for many years.

The reports also described foreign terrorists as “militia” and noted these people made contact with a YPG representative over the internet.

They have continued their dialogues through encrypted messages.

Nuri Mahmud, one of the so-called representatives of the YPG terror group, was cited in the report as saying that “dozens” of foreign fighters joined YPG while another so-called spokesman said 150 foreign fighters that included Americans, British, Japanese, Algerian, and Chinses.

The so-called representative for the international affairs of the terror group told CNN last Dec. that since 2014 around 300 armed terrorists have joined the YPG while 500 people took part in civilians positions in the terror group.

Many foreign media published interviews with the foreign fighters. The interviews unveiled that some of the terrorists were unsuccessful and had no place in the society, brought up under the influence of far left Marxist-Leninist group.

In these interviews, it was observed that some of the foreign nationals were unsuccessful in educational life, had no place in community life, interacted with the Marxist-Leninist left groups and were subjected to one or a half months training after their formal participation into the terror group. They were also taught Kurdish and political issues. In the interviews, they mentioned that posters of PKK/PYD leader Abdullah hung everywhere they traveled in Syria.

In a report published by the UK-based Henry Jackson Society, it was revealed that some of the westerners were involved in YPG for ideological reasons, while others had made a decision in order to satisfy their desires of money or killing others, and that these people had serious mental health problems.

It was reported that two European members of the terrorist organization were neutralized in the operation Olive Branch carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces against the PYD/PKK terrorist organization in Afrin.

They were: Spanish national Samuel Prada Leon, code named “Baran Galicia”, and French compatriot Olivier Francois Jean Le Clainche, code named “Kendal Breizh.

In addition, it was also identified that the terrorist named Sjoerd Heeger, who is a Dutch citizen who participated in the PYD / PKK under the codename “Baran Sason”, was killed in conflicts with the Bashar Assad regime army and Iranian forces in the east of Syria near the Iraqi border.

While the Western countries have prosecuted the Daesh related foreign terrorists extensively, they treated differently the PYD / YPG linked foreign fighters. Western authorities do not prosecute these people because they do not regard the PYD / PKK as a threat. Or in some cases they do some legal proceedings as formalities.  

However, a British citizen who participated in the PYD / YPG at the beginning of February was on trial under the anti-terrorism law in his country. British police agency Scotland Yard announced that former soldier Jim Matthews, who joined the PYD / YPG, will be tried on charges of terrorism. Matthews was the first to be tried under the Anti-Terror Law among the Britons who participated in the PYD / FPD on the pretext of fighting Daesh.

It is expected that the decision in court will be a precedent for other English citizens participating in the terror group.