Asia Pakistan Embassy hosts food festival in Ankara

Pakistan Embassy hosts food festival in Ankara

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5 Guests enjoying Pakistan Mango Festival at Ankara

A two-day Pakistan Food Festival began in Turkey’s capital Ankara on Wednesday ahead of its National Day on March 23.

The food festival, organized at the Sheraton Hotel in collaboration with the Turkish Embassy, was inaugurated by Pakistan’s Ambassador to Ankara Syrus Sajjad Qazi will end on Thursday.

In a statement, the embassy said “popular and tasty Pakistani dishes like Biryani, Mutton Karahi, Chicken Karachi, Chicken Kebab…would certainly titillate the taste buds of many Turks and international guests during the festival.”

“Pakistan’s rich and delicious cuisine is based on a long historic tradition and cooking excellence, has been evolving and changing since ancient times,” Qazi said in the statement.

Qazi also said that the geographical and cultural diversity of Pakistan is also reflected in the country’s cuisine, adding that Pakistani and Turkish cuisine have many similarities.

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