UK Gove says he’s sure of ‘solid vote’ for May’s Brexit plans

Gove says he’s sure of ‘solid vote’ for May’s Brexit plans

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Michael Gove the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs speaks during the National Farmers Union annual conference in Birmingham, Britain February 20, 2018.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said on Wednesday he was sure there would be a “solid vote” in parliament for Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit proposals following reports lawmakers in her own party had met to discuss ousting her.

A group of about 50 lawmakers in British Prime Minister Theresa May’s party who oppose her proposals for a post-Brexit deal with the European Union had met on Tuesday night to discuss how and when she could be forced from her job.

“I want to ensure that we get a solid vote, which I’m sure we will, when the prime minister brings back the treaty,” Gove said,

“I think that it’s important that parliament rallies behind the prime minister and I’m sure that people will, when we get our eventual deal with the European Union, recognise that the right thing to do is to deliver on the mandate that we were given, and not to allow ourselves to be distracted by any of the ‘noises off’ that you alluded to.”

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