Africa Gabon oil union calls off strike at Total facilities

Gabon oil union calls off strike at Total facilities

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Sylvain Mayabi Binet

Gabon’s oil workers union said on Wednesday it had called off a strike across all facilities over the layoff of several Total workers.

The union, called ONEP, began what it said would be a three-day strike on Tuesday because only four of six fired workers had been reinstated despite demands that they all return to work.

“Our objective was to get the attention of the government. Mission accomplished. The prime minister is in (economic capital) Port-Gentil. We believe he will address our situation after that,” Sylvain Mayabi Binet, ONEP’s secretary general said.

Gabon produces about 200,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude, but output from the OPEC member’s mature fields has plummeted from a 1997 peak of 370,000 bpd.

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