Middle East UN-sponsored Yemen talks wrap up in Sweden

UN-sponsored Yemen talks wrap up in Sweden

Martin Griffith, Special Envoy for Yemen of the U.N. Secretary General,

U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres are the U.N.’s envoy for Yemen are about to brief reporters at the closing of a week of peace talks aimed at setting out a framework for future dialogue in war-ravaged Yemen.

The U.N.-sponsored talks, which end on Thursday, have low expectations for halting the conflict immediately, but have already seen some progress with the agreement of a prisoner swap to include some 15,000 people.

Both sides have said they sought to build on goodwill for future talks, although it was unclear how far they have come in agreeing on a draft agreement given to them a day earlier to consider by U.N. envoy Martin Griffiths, who has sought to remove the key port city of Hodeida from Yemen’s four-year civil war so that aid deliveries can operate freely.

Britain’s foreign secretary is joining the Yemen peace talks on their final day in Sweden as part of his efforts to help kick start a political process to bring an end to the impoverished Arab country’s brutal four-year civil war.

His office says Jeremy Hunt will be in the Swedish town of Rimbo along with U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Thursday, the final day of the U.N.-sponsored Yemen talks.

It says Hunt will also be meeting the delegates from the warring sides — the internationally recognized Yemeni government and the Houthi rebels.

Hunt said ahead of his trip that “Yemen is the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe, and these peace talks represent the best opportunity in years to move towards the political solution the people of Yemen urgently need.”

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