Africa Years after Westgate, Kenya reacts swiftly to similar attack

Years after Westgate, Kenya reacts swiftly to similar attack

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Joseph Mucheru

 Kenya’s information minister says the government’s quick reaction to a deadly extremist attack in Nairobi this week reflects improvements in its ability to respond to such brazen assaults on civilian targets.

Joseph Mucheru said Thursday that the reaction of authorities when gunmen attacked the DusitD2 hotel, office and shopping complex on Tuesday was “much better handled, communicated” in comparison to the 2013 attack on the nearby Westgate Mall.

“The speed, the response and the conclusion of this matter was swift,” Mucheru said.

Kenyan police said 21 people, plus five extremists, died in the latest attack. Kenya’s president declared that the security operation to retake the complex was over around 20 hours after it started.

The al-Shabab group claimed responsibility, showing it can still strike despite heavy military pressure in Somalia.

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