Africa Moroccan ruling party slams Spain for receiving Ghali

Moroccan ruling party slams Spain for receiving Ghali

The ruling Justice and Development party denounced Wednesday Spain’s reception of separatist Polisario Front leader Brahim Ghali who is being treated for the coronavirus.

The party said the move by Spain does not serve relations between the two countries and their interests.

“The Spanish position doesn’t go in line with the principles of good neighborliness and partnership, representing in allowing the separatist leader to be hospitalized in Spain with a false identity,” it said.

The opposition Party of Progress and Socialism also deplored the decision.

The Moroccan Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday that it summoned the Spanish envoy to Rabat in protest of Madrid’s reception of the militia leader.

“Spain is hosting a leader of a separatist militia (Polisario) who is accused of war crimes and grave violations to human rights,” the ministry said and called it “contrary to the spirit of partnership and good neighborliness.”

Since 1975, there has been a conflict between Morocco and the Polisario Front regarding the territory of the Sahara, which began after the Spanish occupation in the region ended.

It turned into an armed confrontation that lasted until 1991 when a cease-fire was reached under UN auspices.

Rabat insists it is entitled to the Sahara region and proposes expanded autonomy under its sovereignty, while Polisario has called for a referendum to determine the region’s fate, a proposal supported by Algeria, which is hosting refugees from the region.