Africa Erdogan congratulates Talon on reelection win in Benin

Erdogan congratulates Talon on reelection win in Benin

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday congratulated Patrice Talon on his reelection win as president of Benin. 

Turkey’s Ambassador to Cotonou Onur Ozceri conveyed Erdogan’s congratulatory message to Benin’s Foreign Minister Aurelien Agbenonci at a ceremony in the capital.

Ozceri told Anadolu Agency that there is huge potential in bilateral ties between the two countries and said there is also great interest in Turkey and Turkish goods in Benin.

He added that there have been significant developments in new infrastructure projects in Benin.

“During the first term of President Talon, great steps were taken especially in terms of completing the infrastructure. There is great interest in Turkish companies that have implemented successful projects in other African countries,” he said.

Benin’s Constitutional Court approved on April 16, provisional results of the April 11 presidential election, giving Talon a decisive victory against two opponents.

Talon was first appointed president in 2016 for a five-year term. His term led to Benin’s economic recovery, according to observers.

But the period leading to elections was marked by a democratic crisis with national and international observers highlighting a democratic setback since his term began.

Some hope his re-election will focus more on democratic issues.


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